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Featured partner: TEACH

TEACH (Together Educating All Children in Hospitals) is a volunteer-led 501(c)3 that brings fun, hands-on STEM education to hospitalized children nationwide.


Children and Young Adults Served ages 3 to 21


Hospitals impacted from East to West Coast and Internationally


Volunteers from over 10 medical schools and universities


STEM module activities and interactive experiments

"I would like to thank all the members of TEACH. Your first visit to our Pediatric Unit was an incredible success. Thank you so much more for making hospitalized children so engaged in science.”

Vivian Alestra
Child Life Specialist, Dept. of Pediatrics, Staten Island University

“My child felt like a kid with a friend for the first time in a while. Thank you for the impact you had on my child and for the difference you are making for so many others."

F. R.
Parent, Brooklyn, NY

Why we launched this feature

Our mission is to help people realize the value of their knowledge, and we want to build a company that reflects our commitment to giving back.

This includes sharing their expertise to advance innovations in their field and having a fulfilling social impact.

We want this to be a core pillar of Office Hours and we built our donation feature with partner ShoppingGives as part of launching our platform.

We're excited to highlight TEACH as our first featured partner with ShoppingGives.

Frequently asked questions

How does this work?
ShoppingGives' donation mechanism is integrated into Office Hours' payments system as an opportunity for each advisor to give back. Once an advisor updates their donation settings and completes a call, ShoppingGives automatically and securely transfers the contribution to the non-profit. Office Hours processes the advisor's compensation based on the bank account or Paypal connected to their account.
Which organizations can I donate to?
Through your Office Hours account, you can search and select any organization in ShoppingGives' network - over 1.5 million US-based 501(c)3 organizations. Login to your Office Hours account and open your payout settings to browse the list of non-profits or search by name. This way you can pick a cause you're excited about and be fully in control.
I'm a client. How can I make a contribution?
Contact our team here. We'd love to engage you in our social impact work and build a partnership that meets your goals.
Is this tax deductible?
This is not a tax deductible donation. Once you complete a call, Office Hours sends the donation on your behalf to your selected charity via Shopping Gives. Think about this as raising money for your charity of choice - similar to running a charity marathon.
I'm an advisor based outside the US. Can I make a donation?
Of course! Update your payout settings with a non-profit of your choice. At this point, ShoppingGives only facilitates contributions to US-based organizations.
What is ShoppingGives?
ShoppingGives is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses integrate social impact and charitable giving into their customer experiences. Brands build ShoppingGives' tool into their online payments systems and at check-out, customers can donate to a non-profit of their choice. This way customers can support causes they truly care about and nonprofits receive seamless, secure contributions. Founded in 2015 with a mission to connect brands and customers around meaningful impact, today ShoppingGives is a certified B Corp with over 1.5 million 501(c)3 organizations in its network.
What is TEACH?
TEACH's mission is to create an outlet for hospitalized children of all ages to passionately engage with the sciences through fun, interactive experiments. TEACH university and medical student volunteers bring educational, hands-on science activities to hospitalized children through in-person and online modules. Children have fun and learn about real-life concepts: they create silly putty to learn about polymers and use basic engineering to build boats that really float. Participants are challenged and empowered to think creatively in a way that changes how they view science, their hospital stays, and their lives - helping them cope with the trials before them. The organization expanded its online platform in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and through these virtual modules TEACH has been able to engage new volunteers and partners and broaden its impact for hospitalized children.

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